Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April specials!

Wow!  April has been a crazy busy month, I haven't even had a chance to post the specials for this month, and its the 15th!

T25, which I'm currently doing, and LOVING is on sale, in challenge pack form, for $180, and I'm offering a $25 rebate back to MY customers, and Brazil Butt lift challenge pack is on sale for $140, with a $10 rebate!  Obviously these are also available on their own, instead of with a challenge pack, so email me if you'd like prices on these or any other workout system, but Shakeology is definitely worth it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Specials, and MY EXCLUSIVE deals!

Wow!  March is an amazing month to be a Beachbody coach!  I mean, seriously, these programs are AMAZE-BALLS!  I'm so excited for this months deals, I am offering a TON of great kickbacks to MY customers!

First off, is my personal favorite workout program.  Les Mills Combat is so much fun, but is also such a great workout.  What could be more fun than punching and kicking your way to being healthy?  

This month, Beachbody is offering the Les Mills Combat challenge pack at $140, which is a $20 discount.  I'm personally giving MY customers back a $20 rebate on their purchase, AND I'm also running a flash sale, the first two people to buy this challenge pack will receive a FREE pair of Les Mills Combat weighted gloves ($20 value!) from me so hurry and get yours!  

Next up is the one I'm really excited about, Les Mills Pump!  I have heard nothing but awesome rave reviews about this program, and I will be doing it this summer to cross train during my running training. Weight lifting is where its at, fitness wise, and this is a great program for those of us that just don't know exactly what to do with a barbell.  This challenge pack comes WITH a barbell and weights along with the DVD's, and is now on sale for $180, which is an amazing $65 off of regular price!  Order this challenge pack thru me and get a $25 rebate, for a total of $90 off the regular price!

And the final special from Beachbody this month is the Ultimate Reset.  This is a great way to reset your system, flush out the bad and start fresh, and just in time for "spring cleaning"!  This challenge pack is normally $305, and Beachbody is discounting it to $275 for the month of March.  Order the challenge pack thru me and I will give you a $30 rebate!

To purchase any of these challenge pack specials, visit and click "shop" and then "challenge packs" to find the deal thats right for you!

And MY personal final special this month; join my team (which is FREE with a challenge pack purchase) and I will pay your second month's $15 coaching fees, which gives you TWO MONTHS to RISK FREE grow your own business by doing nothing but helping people in your spare time, or, it gives you two months to enjoy an amazing 25% discount on any Beachbody products.  Be as involved in growing your business as you want, or just keep it for the discount, its up to you and there is never any pressure from me to sell if that's not what you are interested in doing, but take advantage of this offer, and sign up as a coach under me, and with the purchase of ANY challenge pack, do it for free for two months!

To join my TEAM of awesome coaches, go to and click "be a coach".  This will guide you thru the process AND you will be given the option to buy one of these, or any other challenge pack and get your coaching guide and first month of coaching fees for free. 

Contact me with any questions or concerns!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Don't Touch Me There!

OK, So now I have that song "Stop, don't touch me there, this is my no no square" stuck in my head.  If you do too, you're welcome.  That's not the kind of touch I mean though, thank goodness!

As some of you may, or may not know, I'm still midway thru my journey to fitness, and I've made some great strides, and accomplished some things I'm really proud of, but I've still got a little ways to go, and the weight is being stubborn about coming off.  Thats OK, its a process, I trust it.  One of my "worst" areas, is my lower stomach.  Its not any definition of the word tight, its been hostage to too many years of having my head in the sand about my weight and stretched under the blessing of 2 children.  Its got an angry, wrinkly pink line down the middle (I had a vertical incision for both c-sections, so the scar is from about 2" below my belly button, to about my bikini line) and its just...saggy in general.  I guess that's the word.  I hate it.  Its the one part of my body that I just can't see ever becoming something I love, regardless of weight/fat loss or toning up.  I hate this part of my body so much, that I've become hyper aware of it, and to be honest, ashamed of it. Ashamed.  Of my own body.  The one that has served me well, with very few health hiccups in life, the body that produced 2 amazing children, the body I love to push to the limits and make my muscles burn and here I have this one central part, which I hate.  That just doesn't seem right.  But I do.

I realized the extent of that hate this morning, when my husband rolled over in bed and wrapped his arms around me in his sleep, and his hand came to rest on my stomach, and before I could do anything, he automatically moved his hand up so that it wasn't resting on my lower stomach any more. In his sleep. He didn't do this out of revulsion for me, or my stomach.  I caused this.  In the past, whenever his hands would land on that part of my body, I would squirm away, or move his hands somewhere else, or find something I need to do somewhere else, or, and I'm ashamed to say, I'd even on occasion slapped his hand away and told him to "stop messing with my fat!" or something of the like. I didn't realize just how much that part of my body bothered me, until this morning when I realized I had REJECTED my own husbands touch, so many times, that he unconsciously moved his hand, before I even had a chance to.  That made me sad, I don't ever want him to feel rejection at touching me, or to feel like any part of my body is off limits to him.  I want to apologize to him, for every time I've brushed him off, or snapped at him.  It wasn't his touch I was rejecting, it was myself.  My body.

I came to a decision, laying there this morning.  I need to work on coming to terms with my body.  The way it is.  Does that mean that I am no longer going to keep working on changing it?  Hell no, working out, pushing my limits is just who I am now.  But I also know that I can't be so critical of myself, especially to the point of it hurting people I love.  I'm excited to see the changes that are to come, with hard work and clean eating and dedication, I will change this body, but until then, I'm giving myself permission to love it.  Or at least, not hate it.

I've worked so hard, and I'm not the type of person to give up, but at the same time, I know fear has been holding me back somewhat.  What if I never get a flat stomach?  What if I have too much loose skin?  What if I don't look pretty when I'm thin either?  What if...and on and on. It hit me that really, the only "what if"s that matter are "what if my daughter feels this way about herself one day, and its because of watching me." or "what if he thinks I just don't want him to touch me".  Those are not acceptable.  Ever.  I need an attitude adjustment.

I can't be the only person that feels this way, or the only person that has inadvertently alienated a loved one because of it.  So join me today in saying "I accept the way that I am." I have huge goals for my body this year, it doesn't seem fair to expect it to take me on this crazy marathon journey when I have such contempt for it.  So I'm going to learn to accept it, and I'll work hard, and I'll change it, but even if I never have perfectly flat toned abs, I'll have a body that has served me well, and that I've worked hard for, and I'll be proud of that.

I'm going to learn to love the skin I'm in, even as I work so hard to change it, and I'm letting go of all of my insecurities, and instead of worrying about the what if's, I'm just going for it.  What is, is.  I'll be proud of myself regardless, and I know that my husband will be standing right beside me, just as proud.  And if he holds me tight, with his hands on my stomach...I'll just snuggle in closer and embrace his touch.  Regardless of what my stomach looks like.

Damn I got all mushy and weepy there for a second.  Sorry about that! ;)

Kind of a Big Deal...

Hello and Happy Valentines Day!  Here is a list of the current specials I currently have going thru February!

*Purchase ANY Challenge pack, with me as your coach, and receive a $20 gift card to Old Navy and a Shakeology shaker cup (with the exception of the 21 day fix, that already comes with a shaker cup!

*Become a Beachbody coach, which is FREE with the purchase of a challenge pack, and you will get the above deal PLUS I will pay your second month's coaching fees of $15 myself, which means you are free to enjoy the coaches discount for 2 months on ANY Beachbody product, OR you have 2 risk free months to grow your own business!

*21 Day Fix and Les Mills Combat Challenge packs are on sale thru this month for the amazing price of $140!  The regular price of JUST the Shakeology is $130, so that means you are getting the workout system for only $10!  Thats a steal!  PLUS you can take advantage of one, or both of my offers above!

*There are still TONS of other Challenge Packs available, for Focus T25, P90X3, Isanity, Turbo Fire, and on and on!  Challenge Packs are absolutely THE BEST way to get the workouts you want at the most reasonable price available.

And remember, EVERY Beachbody product comes with a 30 day guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied, or don't feel like it was worth the money, just send it back, no questions asked.  Yes, even if you drank that entire bag of Shakeology, and don't feel like its helped you feel better and be healthier, return the EMPTY bag for a full refund!

These deals are exclusive to MY customers, so make sure you go to to get take advantage of these specials!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Giveaway on my blog this weekend! Winner will be drawn tomorrow, so get over to to get entered right away!  

Also Beachbody has extended the $180 challenge pack offer on P90X, and FocusT25, which is an amazing deal!  All challenge packs include the workout system, and a 30 day supply of the Shakeology flavor of your choice.  

For the month of February, anyone ordering Shakeology HD from me will get a free Shakeology shaker cup, and anyone ordering any challenge pack will receive a shaker cup and a $20 Old Navy gift card, to buy yourself some new cute workout clothes!